Specialising in Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Weight Problems in Newcastle

When you’re feeling low, you need someone who understands what you are going through.  You need an expert.  You need to know you are in safe hands.  And that is where Dr. Pek Ang comes in.

As experts in mood disorders, anxiety, weight problems, anger management and ADHD, we have been working with patients since 2002.  When you visit us, you will receive individual treatment based on your needs alone.  We devise unique treatment plans aimed at maximising the health of the whole body, through a holistic approach.

Based in the Broadmeadow region of Newcastle, we welcome patients from all areas, from Central Coast to Byron Bay.  We work with men and women from 17 years old, with varied backgrounds and history.

Our expertise speaks for itself; having spent over 10 years as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Ang has earned the trust of our patients .  Dealing with that most precious of human organs, the mind, entails a trust from you that we will always uphold.


We deal with mood disorders of all natures, including adult ADHD and weight management issues.  Using a holistic approach means we work from the inside out, to get to the root of the problem.